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Our customers have a multitude of business domains, each of which having its very specific product and project requirements. Below you can find some of the industries we have served with our welding specialist competence and experience.

Railway systems

Based on our EN 15085 CL1 and EN 1090 EXC 4 certifications– top level admissions in either category – we specialise in both components relevant to the safety of rail vehicles and infrastructural welded supporting assemblies.

Various cross members of bogies, central pins or crash bodies made of structural and stainless steels or aluminium, adjustable fine-grained steel handling frames for heavy-load rail transport, steel constructions for stations or poles are just some examples of our railway systems projects.

ESTET as partner of the railway systems industry 
(ORF Steiermark short film)



Pharmaceutical plant construction

In this field of industry, we specialise in EN 1090 EXC 4-certified stainless steel constructions used as infrastructural and supporting assemblies for all units and pipelines occurring in pharmaceutical plant construction.

We design, manufacture and assemble them based on our customers’ plant layouts. Since projects often go on for several months, we keep matching the details to our customers’ project plans. Flexibility of implementation is therefore a natural part of our service.

In order to ensure that these constructions meet strictest cleanroom requirements, the work of our skilled experts is governed by the utmost diligence and precision in the handling and processing of these materials.


Environmental Engineering

Our projects and the requirements in this realm field are as multifarious as are the topics of ecology. Here we have to deal with the widest range of material types, material strengths and welding methods.

We make the plant components, steel constructions and claddings for these societally essential industry. Examples include modular wood distillation plants, research reactors, claddings of biological waste recovery plants or photovoltaic prototypes.


Sports Facility Construction

Be it a ski jump or a football stadium, our steel constructions will fit every purpose.

Customised substructures of video walls, grandstands or rebuilding the in-run of a ski jumping hill – these are just some examples of our end-to-end sports facility building services from the design to the final assembly stages.


Tunnel Building

Our customers can choose from a wide range of services supplementing their own tunnel building expertise. We erect steel halls for on-site project use, manufacture and assemble sinking installations and tunnel reinforcements or make special constructions in response to specific on-site needs such as tailor-made lifting beams.


Manufacturing Industry

The production shops of large industrial enterprises are under a constant need for preventive maintenance as well as investments in infrastructural and machinery extensions and replacements.
As welding specialists featuring our own team of fitters, we are ready to cover a wide range of needs.

Our affiliate ESTET Personal GmbH, specialises in providing skilled metal industry labour. Working closely with our affiliate enables us to quickly procure the workforce required to take on general preventive maintenance and revision jobs.