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Additional Services

In addition to our core competencies, we also offer you the option of having only individual production steps carried out by us.

Material cutting by a modern CNC-laser cutting system

Individual production or serial parts

Laser cuts of the following materials:

• Construction steels up to 25 mm

• Stainless steels up to 25 mm

• Aluminium alloys up to 30 mm

• Max. panel format: 4.000 x 2.000 mm


Precise production of bent parts using CNC-controlled folding press

• Pressing force max. 300 tons

• Bending length 4.100 mm


Sand-blasting sa 2.5

Continuous flow path sand-blasting machine for components up to:

• 2.000 mm width

•    800 mm height

• 16.000 mm length

Sand-blasting hall

Larger components are manually shot-peened in a separate sand-blasting hall



Main painting hall (20 m x 16 m) for:

Painting using the airless process

Cyclic paint hall:

Water-soluble paints are applied to components up to:
3.000 mm length - 1.000 mm width - 750 mm height
maximum weight of 1.000 kg per piece


Additional factory approval (certification RVS 15.05.11 ) in accordance with FSV guidelines and regulations for corrosion protection of steel and aluminium constructions.



Four welding supervisors (IWE, IWT, 2x IWS) ensure the perfect quality of the MAG(135, 136), TIG(141) and E(111) welds created by our welders on the following materials:

• General S 235 and S 355-series structural steels

• Weldable S 690, S 890 and S 960-series fine-grained steels

• Rust, acid and heat-resistant 308 and 316-series steels

• Aluminium



You will find our certifications here


Provision of skilled workers

through our sister company  ESTET Personal GmbH.

Focus on welders and fitters

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