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Materials Services

Apart from our core competences, we also provide you the option of just letting us complete some of the production steps.

Sandblasting & Varnishing

Our continuous flow path sandblasting machine processes components up to 2,000 mm wide, 800 mm high and up to 16,000 mm long. Larger components are manually shot-peened in a sandblasting shop.

Our main paint shop (20 m x 16 m) is used for airless painting processes. In our cyclic paint shop, water-soluble paints are applied to components up to 3,000 mm long, 1,000 mm wide, 750 mm high and a maximum unit weight of 1,000 kg.


Machining | CNC 5-axis Travelling Column Milling Machine

DMG-Mori - DMF 360 linear:
Max. X-axis travel: 3600 mm
Max. Y-axis travel: 1100 mm
Max. Z-axis travel: 900 mm

Max. table load: 5 to
Table length: 4200 mm, extendable by feed-through option


Machining | Modular CNC Turning Centre

EMCO Hyperturn 665 MC Plus:
2x 12tool turret
2x spindle
Revolution diameter: 430 mm
Driven tools in both turrets
Max. turning length: 744 mm
Bar passage diameter: 65 mm



Four welding supervisors (IWE, IWT, 2x IWS) ensure the perfect quality of the MAG(135, 136), TIG(141) and E(111) welds created by our welders on the following materials:

• General S 235 and S 355-series structural steels
• Weldable S 690, S 890 and S 960-series fine-grained steels
• Rust, acid and heat-resistant 308 and 316-series steels
• Aluminium


 You will find our certifications here